Behind the scenes of the latest AD shooting collections

From Inspiration to Realization. Go behind the scenes and set up a shooting collection

1/25/20243 min read

Dive into the universe of ANELA DENISOVA wedding dresses and discover the backstage of our last photo shoot where every detail is carefully thought out to capture the eternal beauty of the creations. From initial inspiration to meticulous set-up, follow us on this fascinating journey that brings to life the magic of ANELA DENISOVA wedding dresses.

The arrival of the Inspiration

Even before the first click sounds, the creative team of ANELA DENISOVA meets with its designers to draw inspiration from various sources: own imagination, Pinterest, wedding fashion trends. Whether in elegant architecture, romantic floral details or even the history of fashion design, each dress tells a unique story. Our designers explore color palettes, sumptuous textures and exquisite details to bring the brand’s timeless aesthetic to life.

Developing the concept

Once the inspiration is in place, the design team works to turn these ideas into a coherent visual concept. From preliminary sketches to detailed storyboards, every detail of the shoot is planned to reflect the essence of ANELA DENISOVA. The choice of the model, accessories, decorations and hairstyles, makeup. In order to create a coherent whole with the brand image and the atmosphere that we want to give to the shooting, carefully orchestrated to guarantee a perfect harmony with each dress.

The Choice of Location and Employees

The selection of the shooting location is crucial to create the perfect atmosphere. Each location is chosen to complement the aesthetics of the collection. The team of talented photographers, make-up artists, hairdressers and models is carefully selected to ensure impeccable execution of the concept. Collaboration is key, and each member of the team brings his unique contribution to make ANELA DENISOVA shine.

Modèle : @elise_po

Photographe : @unpetitobjectif

Coiffeuse : @laboucledor__

Fleuriste : @lalibelluleamoureuse

The Day of the Shooting

The big day arrives, full of excitement and anticipation. The dresses, true works of art, are handled with care. The models, chosen for their grace and elegance, come to life in every creation. The perfect light, studied poses and careful adjustments help capture the magical moment when the dress becomes much more than a garment – it embodies the dream of every bride-to-be.

The Dazzling Result

Once the shots are finished, the creative process is not finished yet. The raw images are meticulously selected by the team and reworked by the photographer to highlight every detail. ANELA DENISOVA dresses come to life, revealing all the splendor and elegance captured during the shooting. The final images convey the passion and dedication behind the creation of each dress.

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